A Guide to Fees

The table below list our fees as of January 2019.

Routine Examinationsfrom£42.00
Child Examinations (0 - 5 years)free
Child Examinations (6 - 18 years)£21.00
Extensive New Patient Examination (excluding x-rays)£70.00
Hygienist Appointment£62.00
Silver (Amalgam) Fillingsfrom£95.00
White (Composite etc) Fillingsfrom£105.00
Root Fillings
Partial Plastic (Acrylic)from£525.00
Partial Metal (Cobalt-Chrome)from£890.00
Full set of plastic denturesfrom£1050.00
Tooth Whiteningfrom£295.00

NB. Significantly reduced fees apply when treating children of adult patients.

Your dentist will assess and discuss with you more complex situations and give you a personalised estimate of fees to be charged. Please ask us if you have any concerns about any aspect of your treatment to ensure we provide you with the care you want and need.

A fee may be charged for missed appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Contact Details

Surgery Hours

Monday to Thursday, 8am to 5pm

Friday 8am to 4pm

For emergencies outside of surgery hours please call the practice on 02380 267141 and a recorded message will inform you how to contact our on-call dentist.