Welcome to our Winter 2017 Newsletter. This is our update on the practice, the services we offer and helpful information

Care in the Car Park

The car park is a busy place and we would appreciate your care whilst using it both as a pedestrian and particularly as a driver, especially in bad weather. Please drive slowly within the car park and take special care when pulling out on to Hursley Road. We have also had the potholes repaired so there should be a smoother entrance and exit from the practice.



A change in your medication?

If you have had a change in your medications please bring your repeat prescription to ensure that your records are accurately updated with the new name and dosage.



Sickness and attending appointments

If you have been unwell with a stomach bug or similar, it is advisable that you rearrange any appointments for the next 48 hours as the illness can still be passed on. We try our best to ensure that all patients and staff remain fit and well.



Update on using mouthwash

Potential links have emerged now with the alcohol free mouthwashes, demonstrating that there may be an increased risk of developing oral cancer if used regularly (more than two to three times daily) over a period of time.

We now only recommend the use of mouthwash if there is a clinical need for it, your dentist will notify you if it is necessary.



Tooth Whitening


·         Many beauticians and beauty salons are now offering a ‘tooth whitening’ service. They usually attend a course and are told that they have gained the appropriate qualifications to carry out these treatments. Please note that no person other than a GDC registered dentist, or a GDC registered dental hygienist/therapist under a prescription, can carry out tooth whitening.

·         What beauticians are offering and carrying out is illegal and they are being contacted by the General Dental Council to cease operation.

·         Tooth whitening from a dental practice is properly governed with rules and regulations that have been set out by the GDC.

·         Talk to your dentist for more information about tooth whitening.

Visit www.gdc-uk.org for more information

Contact Details

Surgery Hours

Monday to Thursday, 8am to 5pm

Friday 8am to 4pm

For emergencies outside of surgery hours please call the practice on 02380 267141 and a recorded message will inform you how to contact our on-call dentist.