New Normal

To all our valued patients.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to the practice, please read this page carefully. By attending the appointment, you are confirming that you have understood and accept the following, you will be asked to confirm this before you are seen at your appointment.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact and we will do our best to respond to any queries you have.

We are following the official guidance from our regulatory bodies to keep you safe but as we are unable to practice social distancing at all times there remains a risk of transmission of the covid-19 virus.


Please do not attend your appointment if you are supposed to be shielding or if you or any member of your household have any symptoms of covid-19 or have been advised to self-isolate through ‘test and trace’.

There is a list at of patients that are still considered highly or moderately vulnerable and you should take this in to account when deciding whether to attend or not.

If arriving by car please stay in your car until your appointment time then approach the front of the practice where you will be collected. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE PRACTICE.

If arriving by foot or bike please try not to arrive too early for your appointment as you will not be able to enter the practice until called in by a staff member (umbrella may be needed if raining!)

Please come alone if you can, bring as few personal items in to the building as possible, bags, coats etc, left in the car, we will ask for any excess items to be placed in a designated box when you enter the surgery.

If wearing a face covering you will be asked to remove this before entering the building. Old face masks can be a source of contamination and as they will have to be removed for treatment to proceed we would rather they are not brought in. Any carers accompanying patients will be able to continue to wear any face covering they have or will be provided with a new one. Anyone with limited mobilty who may have to use the waiting room will also be provided with a face mask.

We will insist on the use of hand sanitiser gel when entering and leaving the building.

We can only offer toilet facilities in extremis please try to take steps to ensure you do not need to use the toilets on site if at all possible.

After the appointment you will be directed to leave the surgery, any fees due will be taken from a film-covered keypad in front of reception and we will then contact you in the days following the appointment to arrange further visits.


Whilst we have done our best to minimise fee rises, the increased financial burden of the extra time needed for appointments, keeping surgeries empty and the levels of Personal Protective Equipment needed to provide treatments have had to be passed on to a degree.

Therefore, from the 1st July there will be an additional temporary fee of £15 applied to each appointment.

For family ‘group’ appointments the charge will apply for each adult attending but not for the children. Where an adult does not have an appointment as part of the ‘group’ but more than one child does, then the charge will apply for the first child only.

We are very aware that patients on our dental care plans have been continuing to pay monthly fees whilst the level of service has been reduced. Despite our significant increase in costs for the reasons outlined above the additional temporary fee will not be applied for these patients.

We hope that these measures will be short-lived and we can remove or reduce the additional fee as soon as possible.

Please click here for a link to our current fee scales

Should you wish to purchase any sundry items (brushes, toothpaste etc) please e-mail the practice at the address at the top of this communication with your requirements, they will be placed in a sealed disinfected bag for you to take home.

Hygienist Appointments

These appointments will also have a slightly different feel to them as the hygienists will only be able to hand scale the teeth and not use the ultrasonic scalers. They are also unable to provide the “polish” that would usually accompany the end of the visit.

Despite these restrictions, the effectiveness of their care remains undiminished and is essential in our ability to help you maintain a healthy mouth.

The cost of these visits will increase to £77 as a result of the additional temporary fee.