Emergency Care

We can offer telephone advice for emergencies on the following numbers or via email at hursley.dental@btconnect.com.

Patients of Jane Gale should phone 07395911073

Patients of Richard Lewis should phone 07535163957

Any other patients please phone 07579821737 (please note this number changes weekly)

Please try to phone early in the day if you think you may need to be seen urgently, otherwise between 9 and 5 would be appreciated. We may not be able to answer immediately but please leave a message and we will get back to you.

The emergency service on offer will regrettably be limited and mostly consist of advice. The NHS has set up Urgent Dental Care Centres to deal with severe emergencies. We can refer urgent cases to these centres. The only situations where people are likely to be seen are pain and swelling from a dental infection, trauma, and bleeding from a recent extraction. There are significant restrictions on anything dentists can do that generates an aerosol (the drill, ultrasonic scaler, or air/water spray) unless a high level of Personal Protective Equipment is in use.

For problems such as broken teeth, lost fillings and lost crowns the advice would usually be to keep the area clean, sharp edges can be smoothed with a wooden emery board if accessible, but if not, temporary filling kits are usually available from large pharmacies or online, alternatively placing sugar-free chewing gum, orthodontic wax (or the wax from something like “Babybel” cheese) over the area can help reduce any sensitivity as well as smooth any roughness and stop food getting trapped.