Covid Update

21st August 2020

Our highest priority will remain the safety of our patients and staff.

Since re-opening on 1st July we have been prioritising those who have had problems and had treatment that was incomplete when we closed, but we are now able to carry out more “routine” appointments, so if you have an appointment coming up we should be able to keep this unless you hear otherwise. Anyone with an appointment should read our page ‘New Normal’ for details on attending. You will be asked to confirm you have read this before being seen.

If you have had a problem during the closure that we are unaware of, and would like to be seen relatively soon, then ideally email us some details or alternatively leave details of the problem on our answerphone.

It is taking a lot longer than anticipated to get onto rebooking those “routine” appointments that were cancelled during lockdown. Please feel free to contact us, ideally by email, if you would like to rearrange a cancelled appointment.

Unfortunately some appointments going forwards may still have to be rescheduled.

Please note: people will only be allowed into the Practice when called in by a member of staff for an appointment – please do not ‘pop-in’ to book an appointment or to purchase ‘sundry’ toothbrushes etc. To help maintain social distancing very few appointments will be booked at Reception for the time being, these will mostly be done over the phone or in the surgery by the dentist. Clear screens have been installed in Reception and card payments can still be taken (no cash please), but we want to minimise the time patients spend in the building as much as possible. The waiting room is only in use for those with limited mobility and we would request that the toilets are only used in extremis. Patients are advised to only come to the front of the Practice a couple of minutes before their appointment time and to come alone if possible.

We have been learning how to best manage treatments under the new guidelines and restrictions. We are able to carry out most procedures, but some non-urgent treatments may still have to be delayed. Any treatment involving the high-speed drill with water or ultrasonic scaler is known as an ‘Aerosol Generating Procedure’ (AGP). Current guidance is that the surgery cannot be used for treating another patient for an hour after the aerosol has stopped, so we will have to carefully structure the appointment book to accommodate ‘AGP’ appointments.

We have adequate supplies of the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Training on the many new protocols and policies, along with use of the new equipment has been carried out. We are confident we can provide a safe environment and we are very well practised at maintaining high levels of cross infection control already.

We have been overwhelmed by the concern and understanding received from so many of our loyal patients over this difficult time. Thank you so much for your patience and support.

Emergency Care

If you have an urgent problem then please leave a message on the main Practice answerphone on 02380 267141 and we will get back to you. Outside of normal working hours there are details on the answerphone of how to contact our on-call dentist.

If you have a non-urgent problem then please email details to us at

Until we are back to normal levels of service the following advice may be of help if we are unable to see you immediately: For problems such as broken teeth, lost fillings and lost crowns keep the area clean, sharp edges can be smoothed with a wooden emery board if accessible, but if not, temporary filling kits are usually available from large pharmacies or online, alternatively placing sugar-free chewing gum, orthodontic wax (or the wax from something like “Babybel” cheese) over the area can help reduce any sensitivity as well as smooth any roughness and stop food getting trapped.